The Story of the Hardened Heart Series

The Story of the Hardened Heart Series

"After pouring some excess Plaster of Paris into a beat up, 15+ year old, heart-shaped candy box cover, something very interesting happened. Once cured, I removed the casting from the mold and the surprise came when I turned it over and saw that the plaster had drawn all of the accumulated grime from the cover and implanted it on the new plaster surface. With the cracks, holes and spaces created by my staggered pours of plaster and this new element of grunge, I remember thinking, this heart has incredibly interesting character. I realized that it was a lot like my own.

It's a heart that bears the scars and patches of a life well-lived. Every loss, every gain along with every joy and every pain were represented.  It was a 'Hardened Heart'. One that has withstood the test of time and still beats on with warmth and passion.

Hardened in the sense of being strengthened rather than calloused. Scarred in the best possible way and under the worst possible circumstances. One that has been knocked down but chose to get back up... more than once. I realized that all of us at various times in our lives will experience events that will ultimately determine the special character of our own 'Hardened Heart'." - David Leese


At present, the Hardened Heart Series contains over 35 different images with titles like 'A Broken Heart', 'A Heart of Gold', and 'A Greedy Heart' just a few of the sentiments represented.

Each heart is cast by hand in pure Plaster of Paris and then hand painted and sealed under a polymer varnish. A total of ten or more coats of paint are applied to ensure the integrity of these original images. An edition of 50 of the 9.5" x 9.75" images will be cast for each of the titles in the 'Hardened Heart' series. Unlike other limited editions, each 'Hardened heart' will be made by hand to ensure its individuality.

A metal display easel, available in five different finishes, is included with every heart. Limited edition prints of various sizes are also available for all hearts in the series.





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