Raising Our Voices Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault



The Purple & Teal 'Hardened Heart' Posters: Raising Our Voices Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

David was always very passionate about equal rights and respect for all.  So much so, that he created a social commentary painting in 2013 titled 'LOVE'  (31.5" x 81") which details some staggering statistics about domestic violence and sexual assault.  The painting suggests a kind of tapestry that illustrates the myths of love, acceptance, money and power.

Specifically, the text on the painting reads: 

  • 1.3 million incidences of domestic violence against women this year
  • Average divorce rate over 50%
  • Over 200,000 cases of sexual assault annually... over 2/3 of the women know their attacker
  • Over 300,000 children bearing children.



View the following video to hear more about the 'LOVE' painting:


After David's unexpected death in 2014, the Studio met with the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV) to share the painting and their idea of using art to help spread awareness of this cause. After sharing David's 'Hardened Heart' series with the PCADV, we decided to create two new hearts - one purple and one teal - to specifically represent domestic violence and sexual assault. We felt that the symbolism behind this series was perfect to represent the survivors working to spread their message. Read The Story of the Hardened Heart Series here.

The purple heart and teal heart posters were created. It is our hope that these posters will reach the eyes of men and women of all ages - the young who are still developing their views on relationships and the opposite sex, and those who may find themselves, a family member or friend in an unhealthy situation and need support to get out.

Please contact the Studio directly at LeeseARTS@aol.com or 610-462-0851 to get involved in this unique awareness-raising program.

The Studio offers custom art events for individuals, businesses, galleries, museums and art centers who would like to spread the message.

To help educate all communities across the country, our art project also includes selling and/or displaying the art posters in public and common areas, such as:

  • Youth Centers
  • Church Centers
  • Community Centers
  • Grade Schools & High Schools
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Art Centers
  • Hospitals & Medical Centers

hearts-print-pcadv-13x19-final.jpg                 hearts-print-sexual-assault-13x19-web-image.jpg


To help raise awareness of these two very important issues, the Studio has begun a campaign encouraging supporters to take a photo of themselves holding either the purple or teal print, and post it to social media with #nomorehardenedhearts in the description.


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