When I work with subjects like my landscapes, I tend to follow a somewhat disciplined approach in my technique. As with any project there is a process that must be followed to insure a stable finished product. This disciplined, step-by-step approach tends to work in opposition to the creative spirit, and the resulting energy can build up very quickly.

Exploring monoprinting became my release. When I really need to be spontaneous, my little German intaglio press is always at hand. All I need is paper, some color and a variety of applicators and additives. In a few hours, I will produce a whole series of images.

My first attempts at monoprints were efforts to imitate other subjects that I was familiar with. I soon learned that the process is most fruitful if the mind is completely clear. If I wanted to discover something new about myself, I had to work in a way that was in opposition to my normal habits.


The Gatherings are a series of monoprints that suggest groups of images or people drawn together for an unknown purpose. Each print exudes a unique emotional quality that invites the viewer to feel the joy or sorrow seemingly depicted in the image.

My technique of monoprinting is very much like other intaglio processes with several distinct differences. Rather than being a disciplined application of an image on to a plate, I approach the plate much the same as I would a painting. Oil colors are combined with various transparent mediums and applied to the plate with brushes, rags, feathers and other experimental applicators. Metallic bronzing powders are used sparingly to enhance possible areas of interest.

The plate is then run through the press and the image is transferred to a fine rag paper. The afterimage left on the plate is then incorporated into the next design and the process is repeated. The spontaneity created by this approach leads to a series of images that share some characteristics but, at the same time are noticeably different from one another.  Thus the name monoprint or a one-of-a-kind printed image.


The Gatherings are pulled in a variety of colors on white, cream or gray rag paper, with the following standard sizes:

Image Size: 4 1/2" x 8"

Paper Size: 11" x 15"


For information on pricing and availability, please contact the Studio at or 610-462-0851.


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