About the Artist


"My work is really unlike anything you've seen before. Rather than an insular academic attempt to reinvent the visual universe, I have always been fascinated by "what is" rather than what it appears to be. My own life experiences provide the inspiration for most of what I do.
I explore social and cultural phenomena like relationships, the human spirit and conditions, deviations and variations from the norm, irony, and some of the natural beauty to be found in spite of it all.
I enjoy experimentation. To me, the creative process should never be static.  I need to be constantly challenging myself or I get bored. The thought of latching on to a single subject or concept is just not in my DNA. Don't get me wrong, I do find myself drawn to some subjects more than others, and I often return to a subject when I feel that I have something more to say or a new technical problem presents itself."
David Leese
Artist, Designer, Educator
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